Saturday, June 13, 2015

So....Elizabeth are YOU staying vegan?

So, Our 30 Day Vegan Life Challenge is coming to an end soon!  The month is almost done and I am going to miss it. (We will not be staying here, vegan, like the many inspiring people I know do.  I need cheese people. Or maybe I won't eat it that much? Who knows!)  Even though I was not overweight on the scale-internally-I know things were not functioning on the inside to the best of their ability. This left me worried. 


How was I going to be the mom my children deserve?  How was I going to remain healthy to be the wife my husband deserves? I mean really look at us, he so.freakin.cute and US and retro JCPenny engagement pictures. For Realzzzzz....!

 See, I love my husband so much.  He is an amazing man.  If anyone every judged my husband by his size (and I know they have) THEY have really lost out.  He is an amazing (not perfect) patient, funny ;) man.  Weight discrimination is a real thing and even I have felt it. (More on that later) Our anniversary is coming up soon, 13 years now.  We renewed our vows last year. It was beautiful! The words we promised each other were amazing.  Marriage can be awesome and sometimes it REALLY sucks.  I am not gonna pretend I have something I don't! Marriage is never perfect and my husband and I have had our share of drama.  Dude, marriage is so hard but I am committed to it.  I made a promise.  I really love my husband. 

(For real this man is awesome! That's last year at our vow renewal) 

I promised to love him in sickness and in health. I was the one with a diagnosis  of being sick with multiple issues.  I needed him to love me.  Sometimes, love is hard.  I needed him to love me enough to say something is not right with all of us and we eat responsibly and he did.  He showed me (more on how later) we all needed this change. (I mean seriously we aren't getting any younger ppl -did you see the pictures above? This thing getting old thing is for real.  I guess I need to talk to you about going into the epic relapse of the winter 2014) ;) 

So, we are mapping out our new lifestyle (not vegan) as we lean to maintain and maybe even lose a few more pounds.  (I have a crazy plan (I use to teach exercise classes I have a PLAN.  No one knows my plan.  Not my kids nor my husband.  My toddler is even involved.  I am so excited. My husband is clueless!  Bwahaha) You can follow me on Pinterest! John and I share multiple boards together and will be continuing to pin the whole process of  reintroducing foods to our diet, introducing us to new foods altogether and enjoying life. This month has been a dramatic change for our cabinets. (More on that another time) but mostly it has been the biggest change was inside me even if I don't say how or why. (You are just gonna have to trust me on that) 

Here we are mapping out our new lifestyle on Pinterest!  Feel free to follow along. 

Ohhhhh for those that have been wondering this week I lost 11 lbs this month and my husband lost almost 20.  I have always been in a healthy weight but I was getting close to get over for my height.....but we all know my health was the real issue.  At times I felt like I was dying slowly.  My healthy......matters more than numbers. I haven't felt this good in a long time!!!!!! :) 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Birthday #2

Hey 2 Year Old,

I love you so much.  Even though you are the most daring, adventurous, brave, and energetic 2 year old you have ever met.  We drove to Florida on your birthday this year.  We sang happy birthday to you this morning.  You love Minnie.  You call the moon a ball.  You are a miracle and a daily reminder of hope! 

These pictures are just to cute to not share with you! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dear Christian Bloggers: There is a Difference between being Convicted and Controversial

(I recently read an article/post written by a pastor about what kind of woman a husband should NOT marry.  I joked that it was a good thing that my husband read it after 12 years we have been married and not before we got married because I was some of the women he described on the list.  He instructed men to not marry all sorts of women.  One type was a traveler which is a character trait I believe God has given me.  I love to explore and to meet and see different people and parts of the world.  So instead of "just" being furious I decided to write a letter to some of the Christian bloggers I have been seeing go viral lately. I hope, blogger friends, while you are sitting and "ohhhhh and awwwing" over your blog analytics you can take a second to read this and perhaps understand my perspective. I feel writers like the above mentioned post turn people away from the Lord, and that is a sad thing for me to watch.)

I am a Christian.  I was raised in a Christian home by 2 Christian God following parents. I have a personal relationship with Jesus but I am also a blogger.  So therefore.....that makes me a Christian blogger.  I don't write much about my Christian values.  I don't feel it is "my calling."  I hope to be an online social example of who Christ wants us to be. People see this and ask questions. These are the conversations I hold dear. 


The word is a broken place.  I see fear and imperfect humans on and offline.  But just because I see people do things in what I view as wrong does not make me want to write what I believe.  Sometimes, It is not my place to say.  However, in some cases (like for this topic) I will make an exception, after thoughtful prayer in my heart.

◄ Proverbs 16:24 ► Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Ever heard that verse? What ever you say online shouldn't our key strikes be like the pouring of honey onto the internet?  Please sing sweet words online.  You can be convicted and write a blog post without being a jerk.  It is possible to explain why you believe something with a gentle spirit and not a bossy one. Instead of guilt shaming those that may live a different life than you.....explain how that life has been made you a better you and a better walk with Christ.  Write about Christ in your marriage, and in your own personal role as a Human.  Want to be authentic? Be an example.  Be a soft place to land on the internet.  Perhaps speak from experience instead of ridicule.  Imagine the hearts you could reach by being a caring example and not a shaming startling place that will make a person feel less than they are and hold them back from what God created them to be.  Let God use your words.  Do not let your words stop God from speaking to your readers because YOUR hurtful words were too brutal to digest.

Don't be traffic driven. Traffic brings in the income of bloggers but do we want to sacrifice traffic in exchange for being a tool used to heal a hurting heart? What is more important? Many of us can tell your intent in your words. We can tell tone or assume tone.  Many can tell your anger and lecturing voice.  Don't be "that" blogger.  Be a shinning light on the internet.  Your light can shine brightly online if you allow it. In these days, the internet needs a lot more honey and a lot less lecturing.  Let God mold hearts. You aren't the potter.   

◄ Ecclesiastes 3:1 ► There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens........

 Just because you see someone doing something wrong in their life doesn't mean it is ALWAYS your place to say.  Just because you see a hot topic doesn't mean it is time to write. Be the blogger who listens to their readers.  Be the blogger that prays for their readers.  Be the blogger that tells a story of their love for Jesus and is an example.  Not everything is meant or appropriate to be said online that goes on between you and God. Let others be on a journey with God.  You aren't his only ambassador.  Be the one that is approachable via email or telephone.  Encourage your readers to find Christian friends. Ready for a post to go viral about your Christian faith?  Be prepared to be a voice on and offline. Got something you want to say?  Don't hide behind a computer.  If you have prayed over a post and feel the Lord is directing your words.....  Let The Lord speak through you.  Please.  This I beg you.  Your blog is not the Bible.  Encourage others to dive into the word of God and have a relationship with him.  Spirituality is an important and personal thing. Think through before you intervene on what God is working on in their life.

You do not uphold the final call.

Do you believe God makes the final call in our lives?  Stop acting like it is you.  Feeling convicted to talk about a certain topic.  Write with tender words.  We are Christians.  We are supposed to stand out and be different.  Kindness, Jesus' Love, and light should separate us. We do not need controversial topics to drive up our analytics, right?  I answer to God not Google.

Dear Christian Bloggers: There is a Difference between being Convicted and Controversial. You can be convicted about a topic that is controversial but the controversy that causes the conversation about Christian topics should be an internal one.  You can start that internal thought process in your reader's mind but you should not scream it into their ear.   Live by example.  Jesus doesn't need a PR Agent or a spokesperson.  He has wrote the ultimate book of love not you.

◄ Matthew 5:14 ► You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

 The internet now has hills and valleys. Where will your blog stand?  No matter how long you have been a Christian, how long you have been blogging, what degrees you hold, or who you think you are as and I are not the ultimate author! This is a truth. 

 (Being a Christian is hard and what we say will not always be popular but how we say it can make all of the difference. Being a Christian is hard but what God is convicting us to believe is not always meant to be written)