Common Ground: A Day on the Prairie

We all might remember Micheal Landon and Laura Ingalls. We might remember the simplistic easy times depicted in the show in the town of Walnut Grove or even the stories of the life of Laura in The Little House books. When we had an opportunity to review "The Queens Treasures" first Little House on the Prairie inspired doll I jumped at the chance. This is a review of the officially licensed Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls 18” Doll, exclusively made by The Queen’s Treasures and the day of fun we all had playing with her. The Laura Ingalls 18” Doll is available online at and for $99.99. A full-line of accessories is available online. All opinions are my own.

A great Give-a-Way opportunity for you to get your own Laura Doll is at the bottom of this post! Good Luck!

I have memories of Little House on the Prairie and when the brand launched their seasons into digital version I was delighted to find that my boys loved the show as much as I did when they were little. My kids are outdoors "men!" One has a horse and chickens. The other loves to ride his bike and toss a football across our lawn. They love to build things like the treehouse below.

Outside is where our home is. Once upon a time we would occasionally homeschool in the tree house or around the fire pit. We studied a whole section of planets in our camper pretending it was earth and the house was the sun. Outside we have common ground. Little house on the Prairie from all of its simple games and farming fun is also something that can bring us together.

Getting my boys to play with dolls would be a "hard to obtain memory" to make but today I kind of succeeded. Kind of. Nolan Matthew is super awesome at photography. John Paul is the oldest. Perspective and giving directions is his strength. Zoey is my doll! Laura was Zoey's doll. So below are some great pictures of how for 2 hours we played Little House on the Prairie, as a family, with a doll named Laura and each other.

My oldest picked 3 activities that would incorporate all of our interests and loves.

Dress up with Mom and Zoey

The great Laura Reveal

A Game of Toss

A Chicken named Gentle

Nolan captured all of these wonderful pictures except for the last. I am so excited that Zoey has a doll that encompasses values that are wise to live by and heart driven. LHOTP is nostalgic to me. I am thankful for the opportunity to share the Ingalls family that I loved when I was little with my family now when I am not so little. Family can find common ground. LHOTP is that for us.

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The Laura Ingalls Dolls and accessories are available at The Queen's Treasures the doll and collection is also available for purchase at

Happy 3rd Halloween

Fun night! Halloween is a family holiday for us. To me, it is better than Christmas or Thanksgiving. There is almost no stress. It is a fun holiday filled with imagination. (It isn't the ideals of Halloween that I love. It just is the togetherness I feel on the day.). If you omit the scary and define the holiday the way YOU want it has so much potential for being a perfect day/night filled with a cup of warm apple cider at the end.

You drug you older brothers from house to house.

You went behind this tree and said "I am hiding!"

I have always wanted to go crazy with glitter on your hair. Last night was the night.

Instead of matching we both were insects that frequently visit my tree out side my window. We had so much fun! I am legit laughing in this picture.

You will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be our butterfly. May you always find flight and may you never stop reaching your dreams. Imagination is something I never want you to give up. Keep dreaming kid!

Imperfection is not..............

You are worth more than the oldest baseball card that could ever be sought after.

Though medium in stature, your heart is grand in size.  May it continue to grow.

These are the things that matter.

Your words make you who you are but your actions cement them.  Keep this in mind when choosing your way in life.

Your destiny may or may not always be up to you but every choice you make has a consequence.  Those consequences may yield good results or bad.  The result is always up to you.  What decisions will you make?

Be prepared if you are walking in the gray area between right and wrong. When confused always ask for directions.  Real men always ask for directions when they are truly lost. You can only fake it till you make it for so long.

Do not be scared to be you.  Going against the grain can be scary.  Always stand tall. I have joined the cool kids and I have hung on the bleachers with amazing people who have grown up to be more than the cool kids could ever dream. But on those days, on those cold, cold bleachers, we were considered far from cool. Today you see.  Tomorrow, will ALWAYS, surprise you. 

Sometimes, you will not fit in and that's ok.  On days observing those that surround you excluding you take note. This will teach you the recipe to include others! Including others is a great character trait to have. 

All of these things, just may,  make you a better person.  Growing pains aren't just physical.  They are also emotional, they may even be spiritual. But, they will absolutely always be necessary for shaping you to be the fine adult I believe you can be.

You are loved.

Imperfection is not a fault.  It is a starting point to achieve greatness.